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  1. What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a web-based programming language. But in a special case, it can be used for server-side development with help of node.js. Node.js is a system to run JavaScript. JavaScript is an interpreted or just in time compiled and single-threaded programming language.

2. How JavaScript runs or works?

In Chrome Browser there is an engine called V8, It can read JavaScript code and after reading the code, it can optimize and compile, and return results fast. This is how JavaScript code works in a browser.

3. What is the truthy and falsy value in JS?

In JavaScript…

What is React?

The main thing almost many people confused about ‘React’. Like, is it a ‘Framwork’ or a ‘Library’? Like many people, I had also confused. Let’s learn some basic things about React including that is it a ‘library’ or ‘framework’.

1.It is a library: First of all React is a ‘library’ of JavaScript. Many people think that React is a framework, but it is not. Angular or Ember are frameworks of JS.

2.React Focused on building user UI: Using React can fast UI system without doing much work.

3.It has a developer tool in chrome: If you face…

What is ES6?

ES6 refers EchmaScript. It is version 6 of JavaScript. It was released in 2015. ES6 is the first major update to the language since ES5 which was standardized in 2009.

Now let’s have a look at some major changes that ES6 brings to JavaScript.

1.Var Declaration

In the Case of var declaration in ES6, you can get the result only if you declare and initialize the variable before the console. For example,

var num;

num= 6;

console.log(num) //6

And If you console before the code, you will get the result undefined. For example,

console.log(num) //undefined

var num;

num= 6;


What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is an interpreted programming language with object-oriented capabilities. It is a high-level, often just-in-time compiled, multi-paradigm, single-threaded, dynamic language. It is mainly used for web development, web applications, game development, and lots more.

JavaScript is often abbreviated as JS.

Some common JavaScript methods are usually used always. For example-

1. toLowerCase method:

JavaScript toLowerCase is a string method that converts all the written text into the lower case. This method does not affect the original text, like characters, digits, and the alphabets that are already in the lower case.

For example:

const sentence = ”This is…

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